Fish Dinners Thank You

Fish Dinners Thank You

The Fish Dinners were a huge success! We served a total of 7,499 dinners during the six Fridays of Lent. More then 21,000 pounds of food was used to prepare all those meals. It is because of the help of everyone we are able to grow this event each year. Since the fish dinners started at Church of the Holy Family we have served a total of 38,006 meals!

2009 = 2,890

2010 = 3,421

2011 = 4,737

2012 = 5,698

2013 = 6,497

2014 = 7,264

2015 = 7,499

Thank you to all of our chefs, workers, dessert bakers, and all who attended the dinners for helping make this year such a success!