Parish Pastoral Council Update

Parish Pastoral Council Update

Since our last update to the parish community the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) has met a number of times.

Pastoral Planning – A key area of PPC discussion is the planning process associated with Pastoral Care Areas (PCAs) in the Diocese.

  • In October of last year, Bishop Cunningham received the most recent results of the ongoing pastoral planning process. The plan was the result of a two-year consultation process. Virtually all parishes will be in a parish linkage or parish cluster within the next 2 to 10 years.
  • A linkage involves the collaboration of two parishes with a single pastor or parish leader. Organizations, staffs, programs and other activities may be combined to the extent desired.
  • Church of the Holy Family is part of the Western Broome Pastoral Care Area PCA 1 which also includes St. Ambrose, St. Anthony, St. Joseph, Most Holy Rosary and Our Lady of Good Council.
  • The Bishop authorized the following linkages:
    • Most Holy Rosary Maine and Church of the Holy Family Endwell
    • St. Joseph and St. Anthony
    • Our Lady of Good Counsel and St. Ambrose

Parish Pastoral Council Membership

  • A number of seats will be open on the Council in April. During the next several weeks parishioners will be asked to consider being candidates for these vacancies.
  • Selection will be by lot.
  • Contact the Parish Office or Tom Collart, 761-5702, to add your name to the list of candidates or if you need additional information.
  • The purpose of the Council is to:
    • Assist and advise the Pastor in administration of the parish
    • Help with the development of pastoral and financial planning
    • Establish goals and visions for the parish
    • Be a channel of communication between the Pastor and the members of the Parish
  • Current Pastoral Council Members:
    • Tom Collart (President), Bob Clune (Vice President), Jacquelyn Newman (Secretary), Fr. Clarence, Deacon George Phillips, Lorraine Allore, Todd Trencansky, Rick Cargill, Bill Didas, Hope Hannon, Jean Jackson, Greg Marx, Nick Smedira, Claire Rodgers, Louis Newman